In a fast-evolving world and a constantly shifting commercial environment, brands and businesses are under increased pressure to educate their staff and keep their customers well-informed.

For a business to stay ahead of the competition, it’s vital they can get the latest information to those who need it, when they need it.

That’s why 77% of businesses use e-learning in their training plans .*

KHWS are a marketing agency with a behavioural science engine at our heart.

By identifying messaging that resonates with the buying behaviour of your customers, we have the power to deliver more sales. When we apply our behavioural science methods to an e-learning platform, we can deliver learning that will empower your staff, team and representatives to sell more of your brand.

Introducing SalesEdge

A flexible, modular LMS platform built using our technical experience and behavioural expertise. It has been built to feature existing ‘buying behaviour informed’ templates, developed in partnership with neuroscientists from Durham University Business School.

SalesEdge can be adapted to meet your training needs, whether you want to deliver full e-learning programmes or use it to support other forms of training, such as F2F. And we can tailor the platform to help improve the performance of your people by adding progress, reward, and reporting capabilities.

Working closely with you, we can also create and provide impactful brand-compliant product and marketing materials and assets to support your retail and channel marketing teams. This added level of know-how could drive your sales to the next level.

Results have shown a 200%+ increase in revenue per employee for companies using online training.*

Who is SalesEdge designed for?

Whoever you need to be an expert in your product or an advocate of your brand. Training Behaviour can be adapted to present information in a digestible way to teams made up of:

• Retail Staff

• Brand Reps

• Brand Trainers

• Sales Team Leaders

• Call Centre Personnel

Plus, 94% of employees have said they would stay with a company longer if they invested in their development.*


Like traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) SalesEdge will provide your team with the knowledge and techniques to sell, what gives our LMS the edge is that it’s informed by buying-behaviour.

SalesEdge features e-learning templates that optimise content. Our modular platform’s permissioned content capabilities ensure greater reach of sales-driving content that’s most relevant to them.



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*NNC Resources Ltd, 2023, Online Learning Stats And Facts 2023, available from: