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Buying Behaviours

Our SaleTrigger™ Insight tools uncover consumer behaviours that traditional research can’t 

Developed in partnership with Durham University, we have pioneered four Sales Trigger™ Insight tools. These tools identify the heuristics – mentalshortcuts consumers go through – nudging them to purchase decisions. This understanding enables you to make better informed creative and activation decisions. Our behavioural-led insights solve our clients’ most difficult challenges. 

How our Sales Trigger™ Insight tools set us apart

We’ve spent over 4 years working with Durham University Business School to make behavioural science accessible to brands in a way never achieved before. We can statistically quantify insight that ensures you’re able to make the most informed decisions on where, when and how to activate your brand.


We are able to: 


These tools can be applied to any brand, category or market globally in 4-to-8-week sprint that is practical and cost-effective thanks to our tried and tested partnership with Durham University Business School. 

Our Sales Trigger Insight Tools build actionable insight

A cost-effective way of accessing behavioural-led marketing.

For commercial reasons, we can’t publish all the prices here. However, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our Clarity tools are – especially when you consider what they deliver.


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