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What is
Brand Lab?

Brand Lab is a joint initiative with Durham University Business School and is the first behavioural lab for testing new creative marketing activity.

When do you use it?

When a brand requires unique insight into the behavioural reaction to new marketing activity. Exclusive to KHWS, it provides a platform to test creative work that has been developed using Clarity Strategy and Real Time tools. It studies a range of reactions including:

  • Eye tracking
  • Facial expression
  • Emotional reaction

We can manipulate and test many variables, measuring both implicit and explicit reactions. The creative testing can evaluate:

  • Website (UX, etc.)
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Promotions
  • Email campaigns
  • Loyalty schemes.

What does it deliver?

Each use of the Brand Lab delivers a comprehensive report of recommendations:

  • How consumers reacted to the creative tested
  • What is working
  • What can be improved
  • How these insights can be used to develop future campaigns.

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