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What is Clarity
Strategy & Creative

Clarity Strategy & Creative Playbook is a comprehensive marketing report that delivers deep behavioural-led insights and creative solutions. You’ll receive a detailed strategy to overcome your specific challenge and a range of creative executions that bring the strategy to life. Both pioneering and proprietary, this tool is a powerful way to access behavioural-led marketing.

When do you use it?

Use Clarity Strategy to develop activations that increase the sales of your brand:

  • it enriches your brand and marketing planning phase by providing a new level of insight to support your strategic objectives
  • can be applied to a specific marketing or commercial challenge
  • use it to provide fresh creative thinking, backed by proven behavourial-led insight.

What does it deliver?

While most brands have identified a purchase decision hierarchy, Clarity Strategy enables brands to understand the actual behaviour that drives purchase:

  • when your target audience is considering a purchase, it identifies what they ignore and what actually influences them
  • it will identify the dominant heuristics – or Sales Triggers as we call them – that drive people to buy a brand.

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