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What is the
Edge Playbook?

We know from experience that new insight is not always actioned. Our Edge Playbook is a solutiondriven, comprehensive creative playbook that ensures you have tangible examples of how to deliver the behavioural-led insights we uncover. 

The Playbook supports detailed strategy to overcome your identified specific challenge. The range of creative ideas and executions bring the strategy to life.  

This tool will give your brand the edge over your competitors. 

When should you use it?

Use the Edge Playbook to develop activations that increase the sales of your brand:

  • Enrich your brand and marketing planning by providing a new level of insight to support your strategic objectives
  • Tackle a specific marketing or commercial challenge
  • Fresh creative thinking, backed by statistically proven behavioural-led insight

What will it deliver?

While many brands will have identified a purchase decision hierarchy, our Edge Playbook enables brands to understand the actual behaviour that drives purchase:

  • When your target audience is considering a purchase, it outlines what they ignore and what actually influences them
  • The dominant heuristics – or Sales Trigger is identified that drives people to buy your brand
  • Knowledge of when your target audience is considering a purchase
  • What your target audience ignores, and what genuinely influences them

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