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What is Real
Time Diary App?

We collate your target audience’s exposure to you and your competitor brands in real-time, across touchpoints, measuring their changing emotional reaction. 

When should you use it?

The Real Time Diary App provides a deeper understanding of purchase behaviour to:

  • Get a new perspective on how consumers are behaving and shopping in your category
  • Identify the emotions and Sales Triggers consumers experience and use to make purchase decisions in your category
  • Understand the successes and failings of all marketing activity across the category based on consumer reaction

What will it deliver?

In collaboration with Durham University Business School, we recruit consumers from your category, who record their category and brand experiences in our Real Time Diary App.

  • Every time they are exposed to a brand in your category i.e. marketing, in-store, online, friends & family recommendations etc.
  • Providing feedback supported by images or short videos
  • Recording their emotional reaction and propensity to purchase at each exposure

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