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What is
Sales Trigger™ Insight?

Sales Trigger™ Insight is unique proprietary tool that is guaranteed to inform more effective marketing strategies and creative work. Use Sales Trigger™ Insight when you need to understand the Sales Triggers that drive decision making.

When do you use it?

Sales Trigger™ Insight will complement your existing research:

  • Most brands have identified a purchase decision hierarchy, but our insights will enable you to understand the purchase behaviour that drives it
  • If you have a specific marketing challenge in any of your on or offline channels, Sales Trigger™ Insight can unlock new insights that will inform more effective marketing strategy and creative work

What does it deliver?

We’ll identify the purchase behaviour within a brand’s category:

  • When your target audience is considering a purchase, what do they ignore and what actually influences them?
  • We will identify the dominant heuristics – or Sales Triggers as we call them – that drive people to buy a brand.

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