Sales Trigger Insight | KHWS London

What are
Sales Triggers™?

Sales Triggers are unconscious, mental shortcuts which consumers rely on to make a purchase decision. Understanding these is critical to knowing how, what, when and where to talk most effectively to your consumer.

Our proprietary Sales Trigger™ Insight tool, developed in partnership with Durham University, makes behavioural science accessible to brands. Unlike traditional research methodologies, we uncover buying behaviour insights that are guaranteed to inform more effective marketing strategies and creative output.

When should you use it?

Sales Trigger™ Insight can complement your existing research:

  • Most brands will already have a purchase decision hierarchy, but we enable you to understand the purchase behaviour that drives it, either validating or questioning your existing approach
  • If you have a specific marketing challenge in any of your online or offline channels, Sales Trigger Insight will unlock new understanding, informing more effective marketing strategy and marketing activation specific to your brand

What will it deliver?

  • Purchase behaviour insight within your brand’s category
  • Key Sales Triggers that can nudge behaviour and the decision to purchase
  • Knowledge of when your target audience is considering a purchase
  • What your target audience ignores and what genuinely influences them

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