2015 with the Encephalitis Society | KHWS

2015 with the Encephalitis Society


KHWS helped The Encephalitis Society to bring their 21st birthday roadshow to life – visiting 21 cities in 21 days to increase awareness of the illness.

An initial brainstorming session was held to help us understand what they wanted from the roadshow and how best to execute on this, including how to amplify their message on social media.

Designs were created for their trailer which was on the road, and we also created a digital ‘pairs’ game to demonstrate the work The Encephalitis Society do, and to help the public understand Encephalitis which is inflammation of the brain which can affect concentration, attention and thinking. This was executed on social media platforms to enhance awareness of Encephalitis.

Try the ‘pairs’ game for yourself:

The Encephalitis Society team made it around the UK to 21 cities in 21 days finishing in London, City Hall. KHWS had the pleasure of attending the finale where we could see what a huge success the event was!

Quote from Phillippa Chapman, Operations Director of The Encephalitis Society

“It has been wonderful working with an Agency who can give a fresh view to our challenges. You have given us new ideas for consideration and developed fantastic properties to widen our awareness on and offline. Thank you so much.”
If you want to find out more about The Encephalitis Society and the great work they do in supporting not only those who are affected by the illness but the families and carers too, please visit: