KHWS Blog: AI - The intelligent future enhancing customer acquisition

AI marketing – The intelligent future enhancing customer acquisition


The growth of technology over the previous years has been extraordinary; artificial intelligence has been a main contender with contributing towards customer acquisition efficiency, which benefits both B2C and B2B marketers to identify strategic engagement points within the buying journey.

Artificial Intelligence provides personalisation to a brand, brands are no longer seen as objects but with AI it entitles personality and enables brands to have a ‘human’ element providing a more personalised experience to the consumer. From Chatbots to Siri, Alexa to Google home, the future of AI is indeed bright and we have all fallen victims to the advanced AI personalisation technology, which delivers contextually relevant, real-time experiences in a variety of ways…

Social media marketing is the main example of this as marketers add AI algorithms to their social media platforms to personalise consumers UX by presenting relevant advertisements to the consumer in their newsfeed. The latest trend to dominate content marketing and customer services on social media is Facebook’s ‘Chatbot’, a sophisticated programme providing conversational commerce, giving a true omnichannel experience. The bots stimulate conversation with consumers creating a strong relationship between the consumer and brand.

AI modernises the customer service process by accumulating data on numerous customer issues and types, which enables brands to respond instantly to customer questions signifying quick online leads. More importantly for us as the consumer this technology allows us to receive instant replies, which influences our purchase decision and our views on the brand providing the customer service. This field of AI is expected to advance very quickly as research suggests by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their business relationships without interacting with a real human.

Online search has evolved vastly; now technology allows us to speak directly to our search engine for our requirements. Marketers are utilising this field of AI to optimise their brand’s content to target consumer’s feeds and appear in the top results.

AI also helps with automated email marketing; which is vital to an organisation’s marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence helps target consumers through creating personality profiles with big data, enabling marketers to increase their conversion rate by developing messages with the relevant content which returns confident results. AI improves customer acquisition by gaining traction through tailored content to match the consumer personalities. The speed of the automated emails also contribute towards a positive ROI as 59% of B2B marketers say that email is the most effective channel for generating revenue.

The future is out there…

Though AI will never replace traditional marketing, some experts predict the future of AI is ‘risky’. Using big consumer data can panic some customers however using the data safely to benefit consumers for required purchase and information can be useful and beneficial to create cohesive customer journeys. Consumers desire purchase simplicity and this can be achieved through AI enhancing interactive and engaging content via personalisation.

AI has been proven to enhance customer acquisition but most importantly the intelligent use of this advanced technology can lead to a stronger relationship with brands and consumers that ultimately develops loyalty.