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Want Instant gratification? Buy Burberry in an ‘insta’ this London Fashion Week


So we’re about to kick off London Fashion Week and fashionistas across our capital will excitedly await Burberry’s unveiling of its new collection after Riccardo Tisci took the reins as Chief Creative Officer in spring 2018. The designer’s appointment at Burberry makes complete sense; it is the ultimate meshing of two pioneering kindred spirits in the fashion world.

Tisci, who made his mark at Givenchy, was the innovator of many of the trends we now see: luxe streetwear, designer trainers, and he has positively increased racial and gender diversity in fashion campaigns. Oh, and Kim Kardashian asked him to design her wedding dress.

Burberry, who back in 2016 were the fashion house to pioneer the concept of ‘runway-to-retail’, are about to do it all over again with their ’product drops’ in 2018. This time though, it’ll be a shorter, sharper and a quicker blow to the shopping senses. This year, a selected set of catwalk items will be available via insta, or dropped to their flagship Regent Street Store one day after first view during London Fashion Week. We must be quick though, as it will all be over in 24 hours. Once the time is up, they will vanish from the shelves.

But what does this type of activation mean? What deep rooted customer desires are they tapping in to? Well, we live in an age where the insta-fication of our lives is taking over; where increasingly people value appearance and designer fashion over a lot else, and where the instant gratification of an immediate purchase is as addictive as the rush of a like, or the claiming of a new follower.

Well, in 2018, Burberry can deliver both. Purchase immediately via their insta account, and get a follower to boot. Gratifying endorphin rush complete.

But what is the science behind what is actually happening?

Behavioural scientists know that people use heuristics (hard-wired decision-making shortcuts) to make speedy decisions in all aspects of their lives. We have created a model that has selected the 9 heuristics most relevant to purchase decisions – we call them Sales Triggers. Essentially; these are the reasons for buying a product. We can say that an average sales activation usually uses one or more Sales Triggers. The reasons for buying could be because a product is targeted at the right budget, or because choice has been significantly reduced by the retailer, or because the item is rare, and therefore higher value is placed on it.

What Burberry are doing is leveraging multiple Sales Triggers to sell to a new generation of fashionistas who’ve grown up with social media. It is enticing in its intelligence, and bold in its simplicity.

They are simultaneously reducing choice by offering a limited capsule collection; showing us that less is more because it is available for 24 hours only; providing social proof from peers due to the fact they are designer threads; but most significantly here, they are providing instant gratification for the fashion-addicted senses, by allowing an insta-purchase a mere 24hrs after first view on the catwalk.

In truth, they are bombarding the customer with so many appealing reasons as to why they must buy the product that it becomes almost impossible to refuse. It’s an addiction. And it’s genius.

Let’s see if the combined appeal of both Tisci and this original approach see Burberry smash its previous sales records, or will customers surprise us, buck the trend, and become more discerning this year? Well, it will only take us 24 hours to find out.




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