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10 brand ecommerce challenges

One of the biggest impacts COVID-19 has had on our consumer society is the increase in the use of online shopping for our groceries. These new behaviours raise many challenges for brands as they seek to stand out within ecommerce grocery sites. To help combat these challenges, KHWS, in partnership with Durham University Business School, […]

The tools to help you harness behavioural science for better marketing

While behavioural science has been of interest to the marketing industry for many years, there is still a lack of understanding of how to put the scientific theory into practice. Marketers talk about nudging behaviour, or fast and slow thinking, but don’t have the tools to apply the science to the nitty gritty of their […]

Powerful tools in the wrong hands?

Under pressure to find a good last minute deal? Be it accommodation, gig tickets or a Black Friday promotion, those comparison sites know what makes us tick and how to get customers to purchase. In this blog post Founding Partner Nick Hawkes explores the value of scarcity in light of a new government enquiry. The […]

How drinks brands can put the fizz into their ecommerce sales

There’s a common problem facing alcohol brands that’s making their online sales fall flat. When we choose booze in a supermarket or off licence, the price is in full view, and so we get a sense of value for money. Why, then, is there such a lack of commercial activation on drinks brands’ websites and […]

Addressing the imbalance between brands and e-tailers

Brands and retailers are inextricably linked, but the relationship is on a pendulum swing. Where brands have held the upper hand until this millennium, the growth of ecommerce has given retailers the position of power. This is because for the majority of brands, developing a direct-to-consumer ecommerce offering is not a worthwhile investment. Consumers have […]

The reassuring lure of a queue: why consumers crave social proof and value scarcity

In a world where 11% of the global internet population uses adblockers, many are left wondering how to get noticed. For some, old habits die hard. This year we’ve seen Estrella & Campari backing the ‘big budget Hollywood star’ approach, hoping to bypass the adblock issue by creating content that consumers actually want to see. […]