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COVID-19 is a catalyst for
electric vehicle growth

When the world came to a lockdown standstill, a change was bubbling away under the surface. Consumer behaviour adapted quickly to the new restrictions in place; online ordering increased while other industries, such as transportation, ground to halt. Now with lockdowns easing, consumers are looking towards a future that has been fundamentally shifted by the […]

The Hits and Misses of Black Friday

Black Friday has become a household term in the ever-evolving retail landscape. Every year, after Thanksgiving, global brands compete with each other to make the most revenue from customers by discounting products in various categories. Customers are promised enormous discounts on items ranging from home appliances to clothing, on the most anticipated sales day of […]

Want Instant gratification? Buy Burberry in an ‘insta’ this London Fashion Week

So we’re about to kick off London Fashion Week and fashionistas across our capital will excitedly await Burberry’s unveiling of its new collection after Riccardo Tisci took the reins as Chief Creative Officer in spring 2018. The designer’s appointment at Burberry makes complete sense; it is the ultimate meshing of two pioneering kindred spirits in […]

Personalisation is overrated – Why retailers must use big data sparingly

The retail sector has been irreversibly transformed by technology over the past two decades. Technology has given retailers an almost omniscient presence – enabling them to second guess what customers want to purchase before they have even decided to buy anything. Big data and analytics have become an integral part of retailers’ marketing and sales […]

Not just a pretty face – Influencing sales through celebrity endorsement

Gary Lineker for Walkers, Kevin Bacon for EE and getting cheeky, David Beckham for Armani. For me, these remain some of the most memorable celebrity endorsements from over the years. However, the ultimate questions remain – have they ever influenced me to make a purchase and do they motivate me to choose one brand over […]