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Christmas Shopping & The Annual Black Friday Event


In contrast to the in-store carnage of last year’s Black Friday event, it was the turn of websites to feel the pressure in 2015, with many big names, including John Lewis, Argos and Schuh all crashing under the increased traffic.

However, this didn’t deflate the public’s search for a pre-Christmas bargain, with UK sales smashing the £1bn mark for the first time – up nearly 300m on 2014. It seems the days of high-street Christmas shopping are being overtaken by the simplicity of buying online – even with the inconvenience of crashing websites!


Now, in theory, I’m always up for a shopping trip, especially at Christmas. It used to be a great excuse for a day out – a catch up with friends and family, lunch, a little shopping in a civilised environment (now I’m sounding like my Nan!), having a few drinks and getting excited for the Christmas parties.

However, I’m sure we can all agree that once you actually get out there, you slowly start to wonder why you bothered. The hot, crowded tubes, the slow walkers, the chore of having to carry all those shopping bags (not to mention, having to pay 5p for them), the list could go on. Within 30 minutes, I’m ready to give up and hit the pub!

Bargain-hungry shoppers made 2014 Black Friday an even worse experience – creating a shopping ‘Hunger Games’. To date, there have been seven deaths and 98 injuries due to Black Friday shopping in the US! If they’re the facts, I’d rather stick with ASOS! The ease of a few simple clicks, then forgetting about the purchase until it arrives is great. And I am surely not the only person who gets excited when the parcel turns up – even though you know what it is and that it isn’t even for you!

So with the big day just round the corner, I’m sure this weekend will be full of worried, frantic people rushing around. The question is will you be sitting at home in your pyjamas with a cup of tea, online shopping? Or will you be amongst the crowds of alarmed people searching and queuing all day in stores? Either way, you better get a move on (don’t forget that when ordering online you have to plan ahead with delivery times!). And whatever you do, make sure you don’t leave it until Christmas Eve!