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Conscious decisions?


Everyday we are influenced by brands – whether we’re aware of it or not. They’re in everything from the clothes we wear to the food we eat and the magazines we read. Brands have the power to influence consumers into making purchase choices they may think are conscious decisions of their own.

For example, walking home after a few drinks out, a McFlurry and Mozzarella Dippers from McDonald’s seems like a perfectly reasonable decision of mine to make.

However, if Instagram had not reminded me how to make homemade cheese sticks in 30 seconds, or the five adverts on the tube station walls hadn’t informed me that McDonald’s is seven minutes to my left when I exit the station, would the decision have been so easy? Not to mention the glowing Golden Arches that have been embedded in every person’s brain alongside the tinkling of ‘I’m loving it’ at the end of every advert.

Brands have now found a way of reaching us and targeting us on a more personal level. From where you live to what shoe size you are, by tracking our searches and behaviours online there’s not a lot that companies don’t know.

A prime example of subconscious marketing is the drumming Cadbury Gorilla.

The ad was completely unrelated to chocolate – In fact the only tell-tale sign that it was Cadbury was the classic purple background, and their logo – however it proved a huge success, with Dairy Milk sales increasing by 9% and favourability of the brand increasing by 20%. This was all achieved by using techniques that talk to the subconscious minds of consumers: emotional triggers, great visuals and a memorable song.

Here at The Brand Commerce Agency, we become privy to the little tricks and sales triggers brands use to influence consumers. But whether that translates into a subconscious or conscious purchase decision is down to the consumer.