Debunking the myths and pitfalls of choosing an LMS for brands. A 10-point guide | KHWS

Debunking the myths and pitfalls
of choosing an LMS for brands.

A 10-point guide

If you know what a Learning Management System (LMS) is, it’s very likely you know the frustrations that come with it. Originally developed for academic institutions to facilitate distance learning and complement classroom teaching, today more and more brands that rely on third party sales forces – retail staff, bar staff, cosmetics, hair salons telesales etc.- to drive sales – recognise the key role that a compelling, engaging and rewarding online training system can play. Not only does it drive measurable improvement in understanding and sales performance, but it also mitigates the need to for significant investment on classroom-based training.​

​Choosing the right LMS is challenging with over 700 systems on the market. KHWS have evaluated the market as part of our research in developing our own e-Learning Tool which is dedicated to the needs of brands, and found there are a number of myths that exist around the entire arena of e-Learning.​

​We developed our e-Learning Tool based around the principles of learning, not around making an existing system better. Whilst 50% of classroom learning is forgotten within 5 weeks, our tool delivers audience specific content and benefits from input from Durham University Business School on how to engage participants in online learning. This ensures that our Training Modules are compelling, interactive & chapter based to work in harmony with gamification and drive participation.​

So, whether you are a booze brand training bar staff, a haircare brand motivating hair salon staff, a tech brand training retail staff or a pharma brand liaising with Hospital Trusts the KHWS E- Learning Tool can deliver the E-Learning experience you need.​

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