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Empty shelves are back, and so is our Sensible Shopping Pack


It may seem like deja-vu, but many of you might have noticed that the toilet roll aisle in your local supermarket has become a little bare. The same seems to be happening to the shelves that hold many of our other basic staples like flour and dried pasta.

As England prepares for another lockdown, people are yet again stockpiling extra food and drink. On the day of Boris Johnson’s announcement, shoppers were pictured queueing outside packed stores in a new wave of panic buying.

Everybody remembers the supermarket shelves being emptied when the UK entered its first lockdown. Many of us were disturbed by the scenes of the elderly and most vulnerable not being able to buy basic necessities. In response to this, we created a COVID-19 kit for grocers featuring stickers and posters to help remind customers to shop sensibly.

In light of the latest lockdown announcement, we have made our special pack available to download again. Our pack helps to make it possible for everyone to buy what they need when they need it and makes it easier for shopkeepers to keep the shelves stocked.

The act of not bulk buying can be the difference between the most vulnerable getting what they need or going without.

If you’re an independent retailer that needs some extra help on the shop floor, please download your free pack here.

As a famous supermarket once said; ‘Every little helps’.