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My First Day at KHWS…

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Everyone remembers their first day at work. The dreaded feeling of being labelled the ‘new person’. The interview was terrifying enough, now you have to play up to the character you blagged so well. And what do you wear? Something that isn’t going to make you stand out too much but making very sure not to be a plain Jane.

Well, in an agency with over 100 employees, you can imagine the name learning process didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t all bad though. The diversity and the backgrounds of all my fellow colleagues was extremely refreshing. As the weeks went on I slowly learnt to tell the difference between Robbie & Alec. Everyone has remarkable skills and brings a lot to the table, both individually and working in their teams. With ideas bouncing back and forth, everyday a new skill is learnt.

Working for The Brand Commerce Agency where the creativity can flow so freely is so exhilarating.  The options within the marketing trade are endless, both commercially & digitally. From one end of the spectrum to the other. From oil to cat food. Having never worked in the marketing industry, I quickly established that making the jump was the right decision and over a year down the line, I couldn’t be revelling in it anymore.

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On my first day, of course I wasn’t aware of the opportunities and enjoyable memories to come. As I sat there pondering what pleasant places were on offer for my lunch, the thought suddenly crossed my mind, who am I going to lunch with? I’d seen this in movies and I didn’t fancy spending my lunch sitting alone in the toilet sobbing into my sandwich. To my luck not only was there a huge variety of food hot spots but the invites came naturally from my new work companions.

Before I knew it, my first day was over. All of the stress and anxiety seemed to be swept up in the wind. The worries of thinking I wouldn’t know what to do were all so pointless. I had smashed my first day and couldn’t wait for the next!

It didn’t take long before the title of the ‘new girl’ was taken from me. With the high level of people on boarding within our company, I quickly became one of the old-timers. My message to all of the new starters… There is nothing to worry about, take a deep breath and just remember, we have all been the ‘new person’ at some point.