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The importance of quality in any brand proposition

Behavioural Insight

Quality. Consumers expect a certain level of it. Brands are, quite rightly, fiercely protective of it. But what is it and how can you improve it?

Let’s start with a definition of quality. The Oxford English Dictionary states quality is: ‘The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind.’

In the context of marketing, as consumers choose goods and services based on the assumption they will be rewarded with value and satisfaction, we can define quality as: ‘A product or service’s ability to meet the consumer’s need.’

Additionally, for brands, it’s important to note that there are actually two distinct types of quality that matter; namely perceived quality (the opinion of a product or service the consumer has prior to purchase) and actual quality (the opinion of a product or service the consumer has after purchasing and using the product or service).

Therefore, it’s generally the perceived quality level that will trigger a sale. That’s why it’s fundamental to understand what quality means to your target consumer and how, where and when this should be communicated.

However, this alone is not enough, as it’s the actual quality level of the product or service that will determine the consumer’s overall opinion of the brand; and which they will use to inform their social circle, thereby amplifying the brand’s perceived quality level.

Or to put it another way: when a consumer purchases a product or service based on advertising, they expect it to live up to the expectations the advertising created.

By understanding and creating unique Sales Triggers, coupled with a quality-first production method, our Brand Commerce approach solves both the perceived and actual quality problems brands face. Contact us to find out more.