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Justin Bieber – famous singer or high-grossing brand?


He’s the guy we love to hate, but regardless of your opinion of him, there’s no denying that he has talent. From being able to sing, dance, play guitar, piano and drums, he was always meant to be a star.

But how did he get so famous so fast? And even after a 7 year career so far, how does he still manage to frequently make international headlines and remain a household name?

Justin’s talent got him discovered, and it was there that the mastermind team behind him began establishing his brand image. The success came from understanding his target market, and creating a total product that was geared towards them, from the music to the merchandise to the movie. He used social media to forge emotional connections with his fans, something that many companies strive to do.

His success peaked in 2014, but a scuffle with the law changed all of that. Many thought that he was finished, but he came back stronger than before by re-branding himself. Everything from his product to his image changed, and his current success is unparalleled! He increased his credibility by leveraging his network of famous celebs, and continually being involved in his community. While not as well publicised, Justin has broken records for his involvement in the Make-a-Wish foundation, and donated his time to build a school in Guatemala for underprivileged children.

These are all things successful companies with strong brands do. Take Microsoft: they offer products that we use for hours, daily – can you imagine working without Microsoft Office? They are also top-of-mind when someone mentions CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), consistently giving back to the community and advocating human rights organisations since before CSR became a necessity for any forward-thinking company. Over 33 years, Microsoft has raised more than $1 billion USD for over 31,000 different organisations.

We can learn many lessons from Justin Bieber and his brand: understanding your target audience, the importance of CSR, the effectiveness of social media and cross-branding. Let’s see what else the pop-star has in store for us.