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KHWS Gets Creative for the London Design Festival

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London Design Festival annually celebrates London as the design capital of the world. The festival returned to venues and institutions across the city from 15 – 23 September 2018.

As a London-based digital design agency we thought we’d have a bit of fun with a creative competition, as a nod of respect to the festival and the great design that surrounds us in our epic capital.  As was fitting, given they were the sponsors, our first prize was an annual member’s pass to the V&A Museum, one of the oldest and most respected artistic institutions in London.

To acknowledge that anyone can be a ‘designer’ if they really put their mind to it, we encouraged entries from anyone in the agency. Our teams did not disappoint, and we had entries across departments. You can view more on our insta feed, and the prize winners are below for you to see.


This was the challenge:

Choose any medium you like to creatively depict your idea of iconic London design.

Think BIG. This means you could choose to base your idea on; something designed by a Londoner; a building in London; or a piece of music, art, sculpture, graffiti etc

Basically: what defines London for you, from a design point of view?


The Winners

Title: London Timeline

By: Andy B ‘Lambo’ – Head of Artwork – Creative

In Lambo’s words: ‘History. London is full of the stuff; seeping from every cobble stone and paving slab, to stone walls and steel structures. For me London has a rich tapestry of culture which has been built up over hundreds of years. We can see glimpses of it around us in some of the buildings that have stood for generations, with some here for considerably less time. The appearance of our city has been influenced by numerous people, invaders, kings, prime ministers, architects and visionaries. One of the most iconic pieces of design of the last century is the very recognisable London Tube map. As a homage to Harry Beck’s 1931 design I will attempt to show through timelines, iconic buildings and the people that have lived in and shaped the capital. There are too many to list on these timelines, but it gives us a small glimpse of the past. This is what makes London for me.’

Title: London in Motion

By: Martin L – Account Manager – Client Services

In Martin’s words: ‘London in Motion depicts the fast paced lifestyle people lead in the capital. It also highlights, that it seems on the ground the city never sleeps or stills, the iconic land marks that we know and love stand as immovable objects in the centre of it all, and will remain whilst those below pass by.’

London in Motion

Title: My London

By: Stevie D – Head of Multimedia Production – Creative

In Stevie D’s words: ‘This is a representation of my London life and everything that I love about it; a nod to the places I go and the experiences I have created and shared. It takes influence from things that inspire me and continue to surprise me in this amazing city.’