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Lanson and Wimbledon: A long and sparkling partnership


The meshing of two complementary brands is a compelling idea, oft-utilised by smart marketeers through the decades. So as we sip and clink our way in to the second smouldering week of Wimbledon 2018, we thought we would consider the partnership power of the Lanson and Wimbledon doubles team.

The relationship between Lanson and Wimbledon started in 1977 and since then has developed in to one with such strong brand affinity, that words such ‘posh’ ‘British’ and ‘unique’ could easily be volleyed between them. According to recent research by Arc London, consumers associated these words with both brands. This makes sense; they both have an air of quality and heritage, and that quintessential British-ness that makes you want to eat strawberries, and well, quaff champagne. Its confirmation bias; the replaying of our own preconceptions to us around prestige and authenticity. In KHWS marketing terms, this is displaying an ‘obvious truth’ about both brands.

As well as smart brand partnerships, another powerful technique to throw into the marketing mix is the use of scarcity. The ‘less is more’ principle works, and for good reason. For 2018, Lanson are doing what they do best – apart from bubbles, obviously – and creating their usual range of limited edition jackets and shirts for the bottles of some of their range. We love this. It’s fun and simple, and works a treat.

At KHWS, we like to give each of our players (ok, last one) a bottle of Lanson champagne on their birthdays. However to celebrate Wimbledon 2018, every employee who has a birthday in July will receive one of these shirt-donning limited edition bottles to make them feel extra bubbly.

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