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My Internship at KHWS

Agency Life

As we all know, one of the main selling points of university is the social life – hanging out and partying with like-minded people, eating Pot Noodles for every meal and forgetting that there is a world outside this bubble.  In fact, the very thought of leaving this lifestyle behind and actually having to become a useful member of society seemed scary and intimidating.

However, even in the short time I’ve been here, I’m finding the real world, with its 9 – 5 working hours to be much healthier and much more productive!

Everyone at KHWS is super nice and always willing to help. A great aspect of this agency is the variation of expertise and insight amongst both individuals and teams. With all the different skills people have, the learning never stops!

Being a graphic designer in an agency is also pretty cool. Previously I have worked client side which has meant only focusing on one brand. The positive is that you obviously get to know the brand very well, but the negative is that it’s quite restrictive in the means of work and how you can develop as a creative. Working in an agency like KHWS is great because the work is interesting due to the different types of clients we have and also feels very rewarding. Instead of knowing that my work is sitting in the back of a lecturer’s car ready for marking, seeing it live on websites and in real-life situations feels pretty cool.


Another great thing about working in marketing, is working in marketing in London! Although I grew up and went to school in London, it doesn’t quite prepare you for working in the city. That rush to make the 7.53 train every morning, even though you know the same one is coming exactly two minutes later. Followed by the awkward eye contact you have with a stranger when there’s only one seat left, and you’re too polite to take it so both end up standing when you’re desperate to sit down.

All of those things really epitomise my commute every day. The cost is five time as much in London, compared to where I am studying at the University of Leeds! It is all pretty fun and exciting, being able to tell people I work in marketing in London does make me feel quite cool, I hope the novelty doesn’t ware off too soon!