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Never underestimate the importance of email

Behavioural Insight

Do your customers have an email address? How many times a day do you check your emails? How often do you read your emails via a mobile device?

You’d be forgiven if you thought email was a dying tool for marketers. Especially when all that experience jumped ship and dived into social media platforms and mobile marketing.

In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Email is not dead. Wake up sleeping beauty! It’s time to remind the world just how important email marketing can be (caveat – when executed correctly!). To me and for many B2B marketers email is still seen as an effective marketing tool, particularly when it comes to the heavy duty ‘industrial sector’.

Until recently, email marketing was ignored, under-resourced, and declared too uncool during the rise of social media. However, with rising costs of social. Marketers are returning their focus to the trusted, cost-effective, easy to implement email marketing tool!

Everyone has an email address – fact!


– It’s a great way to stay top of mind and maintain customer relationships and is one of the easiest solutions to keep your leads warm.

– It’s a great way to build out your customer data, allowing you to better segment and target your campaigns.

– It provides personalisation and dynamic content to be tailored to that customer.

– It allows you to score marketing engagements before sharing hot prospects with your sales team.

– You can easily share valuable content produced through other marketing disciplines such as white papers, videos and case studies.

– You can keep your customers up to date with tradeshow attendance, product launches and sales promotion.

– E-newsletters are becoming the new homepage.

– Let’s not forget the opportunity to build brand awareness.

– Emails are also mobile-friendly and according to Litmus, 66% of Gmail emails and over 13% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. This will continue to increase.


Knowing all the advantages email marketing has to offer such as personalisation, dynamic content, automation and predictive analytics, my favourite new term has to be that email newsletters have become the new homepage, according to Jordan Teicher, from Contently.

Essentially email is more than just a communication hub. Marketers are able to push the most recent and newsworthy information straight to their customer, rather than waiting for them to visit their website. Email is a platform that can help support and drive sales and continually build brand awareness in support of your businesses marketing strategy.

Pretty much everyone has an email address and most of your customers check this multiple times a day and increasingly via mobile devices. Email marketing is a powerful tool and requires your marketing agency to assess and identify which emotional ideas help support and ultimately trigger sales.

Need a reason to believe?

Take a look at some the best-practice email marketing case studies as outlined by Alp Mimaroglu, from Convince & Convert.