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Pride Month at KHWS

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This June it’s Pride Month in the UK, which means that the country is celebrating the LGBTQ+ movement. Born out of a riot that fought for LGBTQ+ rights, every year Pride brings attention to the community, highlighting the importance of the queer community and the benefit they offer to society.

For a bit of context, Pride was born out of the Stonewall in June 1969. Led by Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans woman, members of the LGBTQ+ community rioted against police brutality of the queer community, after a raid was carried out on gay club, The Stonewall Inn. This marked a change in activism for LGBTQ+ rights, and the very first Pride march took place on the anniversary of Stonewall that following year. Whilst it started as a march, Pride has extended to the entire month of June, marking a period in which LGBTQ+ communities, identities and relationships can not only be celebrated, but also publicly recognised.

As a workplace, you will have LGBTQ+ members in your workforce. The chance is, most of them will have experienced homophobia, in some cases in the workplace. That’s why at KHWS, we have spent this month arranging events and activities for our staff, so they are both safe and educated. Because it’s important that the LGBTQ+ community is represented properly, all our projects were developed by an openly queer member of staff. This way, the real interests of the queer community are placed at forefront of our work this month.

We kicked off Pride month with The Big Pride Quiz of the Year! We are a highly competitive bunch, so games always get heated (in a very entertaining way). This was in conjunction with our weekly beer trolley, the star of which was Gayle: Brewed with Love, a LGBTQ+ owned brewery. To really tune into the competitiveness, we had the office split into two and had them shout out the answers. We did originally have a bell that they hit, however this was an early casualty at the hands of some very over enthusiastic players. Rounds included General Knowledge, Music, Film and Historical Figures. It was a very close race, but one team beat the other by one point at the final question!

In a twist on Pride Rock from the Lion King, we are making our very own Pride Rocks in the office. We’re decorating rocks in various pride colours, flags, rainbows, and more, in an art therapy afternoon. After we’ve all had some fun painting, the rocks are being dropped all around Farringdon for the community to find. As always, in true KHWS style, we are turning it into our own little competition where we guess where the rock has been put.

We’re finishing off with a trip to the recently opened Queer Britain museum at King’s Cross. This is the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum and helps complete our Nation’s history. The Welcome to Queer Britain exhibition, designed by LGBTQ+ art curator and historian Matthew Storey, is on until July 4th, which showcases Queer Britain’s own journey, so make sure to check it out. We’re super excited to go and learn about queer culture – maybe we can pick up some knowledge for our next Pride quiz!

Happy Pride Month from everyone at KHWS.

Emma / Agency and Culture Coordinator