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Smug in the City


Have I become a London snob? Possibly… I’m sure it happens to all of us.

I quite often get asked like many others “Would you ever move back home?” Resisting the urge to blurt out “No” straight away, I usually pause for a few seconds so not to offend, but inside I’m shouting “Are you kidding me? There?!”

Reading isn’t actually that bad and there could be far worse places to live and work, but once you’ve been spoilt for choice with all that London has to offer it is pretty damn hard not to appear snobby.

Take Uber for example – such is its convenience, that the very thought of using a regular taxi service turns me into a diva: “Oh no we’ve got to queue up for a cab”, “I can’t believe it hasn’t arrived yet”, “I’ll need to get cash out – such a chore”. I cringe inside, as I know what I’m sounding like.

I have an endless list of restaurants, exhibitions, cocktail bars, that I hope to visit, in fact I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve kept a copy of Time Out, so sure I will eventually get round to visiting the latest pop up. Even if I don’t, the choice is there. And that’s what it’s really about, having that choice.

Deciding where to go for Sunday lunch outside of London always starts with a good roll of the eyes from me, my family love that. They will suggest places we’ve been to a billion times and I’ll respond with comments like “There’s just nowhere new is there?”, which will warrant a response like “You’re not in London now Maria”.

So you get the idea, just like when I go to pay and they don’t take contactless. You guessed it, another eye roll.

We all know you have to take the rough with the smooth and as much as there is love within the city, there is also despair. On my morning commute my inner train rage takes over just as quick as my diva side. Most mornings I try squeezing onto the 8.12 to Farringdon, while some dipstick halfway down the carriage enjoys plenty of space, totally oblivious to the stress going on behind him. We all have those friends back home that say “There is no way I could do that commute, I just like getting in my car”. I would love to see some of them try, just for one day.

Appreciating that time away from London is vital, because let’s face it, we all need a break from it – a  weekend away by the coast, a country walk, somewhere totally different, where everything and everyone slows down and takes a breath. But wherever that break is and for however long, I tend to find myself eager to get back to normality and back on the 8.12 from Peckham. I must be mad but I still wouldn’t change it. Not for now anyway. Snobby? I’ll take that.

There is nowhere like London, how could you live anywhere else?