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Does Social Media only get bad press?

Social Media

Last week during my daily Facebook browse I came across this video.

Now I know Facebook produced it, but if you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s very moving.

The video reminded me not to judge a book by its cover and to give people a chance to tell their story. I was also reminded of all the positive elements that social media exposes us to, including life stories, imagery of the world, art, dance, food and fitness inspiration (which one day I am sure will spark that run I keep putting off).

So why is it that when social media is in the news it appears to only get bad press? Curious, I googled ‘social media and…’ to see what the latest news stories were.

As you can see below, the results delivered some surprising combinations, including body image, mental health and depression.


This made me wonder if the negativity is less about the medium itself and more about our human nature? For example, fashion magazines and the general press have long been criticised for airbrushing photographs of models and the negative impact this has on young girls. Have we just progressed to a point where we scrutinise social media simply because it is now such a big part of our day-to-day lives?

As a company, Facebook certainly does everything it can to showcase how it adds value by connecting people, and it has added some incredibly useful and important features to its service such as allowing friends to alert each other that they are safe in a known disaster zone.

In the future, what’s to say that social media couldn’t be used to monitor and help a whole heap of human emotions and problems relating to depression, bullying, and terrorism? It is already being used more and more as evidence in international human rights cases.

It’s possible our human nature will always lead us to focus on the worst things that we experience. However there are a lot of positive elements that social media brings, as Facebook is only too ready and willing to share.