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St John Ambulance – Donate for ‘Defibs’ & Carol Singing


Throughout December, KHWS supported St John Ambulance and the Museum of the Order of St John by raising money through fundraising and carol singing.

By collecting money from generous passers-by at Farringdon station, we were able to help St John Ambulance with their ‘Donate for Defibs’ campaign. When someone suffers a cardiac arrest, the use of a defibrillator will increase their chance of survival by up to 70%. By donating an hour of our time, we managed to raise an impressive £94 to go towards the grand total of £385 and a new defibrillator for the area – a key piece of equipment that can help save lives.

“We had a really brilliant time raising funds for a fantastic cause. The money will be put towards a new defibrillator, and it’s not over-exaggerating to say that this is a piece of life-saving equipment. It was heart-warming to see how generous commuters and passers-by were with their donations.” Bobby Hare, Senior Account Manager, KHWS

Following on from our fundraising, a group of KHWS employees donated their lunch hour to sing Christmas classics at an open day event for the Museum of the Order of St John. Singing hits like ‘Santa Claus is coming to town’ and ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree’, they managed to gather an interested crowd, promote awareness for the museum, and raise a little bit of money – well done to all who took part.

The team at KHWS has provided great support for our ‘Donate for Defibs’ campaign, helping us raise vital funds for life saving defibs for our volunteers. The energy and effort they put into street collecting and carol singing meant that they raised over £100! We’re so grateful to have such generous neighbours.’

Chloe Howard, Fundraising Events Assistant, St John Ambulance