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It takes someone strong to make someone strong


Strong, the latest video from P&G for this summer’s Olympic Games continues with their successful Thank you, Mom campaign and is a new take on the fundamental role that mothers play in their children’s lives. ‘This campaign began with the insight that behind every athlete is an amazing mum’ said Marc Pritchard, P&G Global Brand Officer.

The video follows journeys of four mums and their children ahead of the Olympic Games, showcasing those moments when a mother’s strength, courage and support are needed most – an approaching tornado, a car crash, a stalled elevator, airplane turbulence, and bullying. The story builds up to the moment when each child has the confidence to perform on the world’s biggest sporting stage.

The Thank You, Mom campaign is a perfect example of a brand creating an emotional connection with the consumer – giving us that feel good factor that we all can relate to.

P&G brands have partnered with Olympians and their mums across 21 countries, with Jessica Ennis-Hill (UK, Heptathlete, Olympic Gold Medallist) and her mum Alison, Ashton Eaton (USA, Decathlon, Olympic Gold Medallist) and his mum Roslyn, Jaqueline Carvalho (Brazil, Volleyball, Olympic Gold Medallist) and her mum Josiane being among the first appointed P&G ambassadors.

Eighteen P&G brands including Gillette®, Tide® and Pampers® will activate the campaign in more than 35 countries through TV and digital content, in-store, PR and social media.

This is not the first time P&G has created that emotional connection with us all. Thank You, Mom was the brand’s first global advertising campaign launched for the London Olympics and resulting in an estimated $500 million sales increase. The campaign kicked off with the Best Job video, which simply recognised mums for everything that they do. It may even make you cry!