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The buying behaviour insights that traditional research cannot reach

Behavioural Insight

The buying behaviour insights that traditional research cannot reach

Buying behaviours have changed more in the last 15 months than they have in the last 10 years (McKinsey & Company, 2020)

We shop more online; we consider a brand’s ethics and values before we buy, and we want to support local businesses. (Verma &Naveen, 2021 and Wertz, 2021) But do these macro trends actually reflect our buying behaviour? Do we buy the way consumers report that they do?

Taking the risk out of understanding buying behaviours

Behavioural science has long been used to frame and explain the unconscious cues that drive our decision making, but until now there has not been a methodology to uncover them in a robust commercially proven way.

KHWS have partnered with Durham University Business School to create a behavioural science-based framework and research methodology that delivers a clear understanding of the brand specific unconscious cues that your audiences look for when buying your brand.

We call it Sales Trigger™ Insight and it works on 3 principles – Identify, Define & Activate.

Identify the unconscious behaviours that guide purchase in your category

Our Sales Trigger™ Insight model is based on 9 Sales Triggers that represent all the unconscious short cuts we use to guide & inform our purchase decisions. By identifying the dominant Sales Triggers™ for your category, we can understand how your consumers think about their purchase – are they influenced by positive reviews & recommendations; do they look for a key attribute or can exclusives change their habitual purchase behaviour?

Define the Sales Trigger™ iterations that drive purchase of your brand

Our methodology can confirm the cues your audiences look for, test new hypotheses and debunk long held assumptions all in one process to deliver the statistical robustness of quantitative and insight of qualitative research.

Your Sales Trigger™ iterations form the basis of a powerful set of insights that can solve a wide range of challenges.

Activate with intelligence

We demonstrate how our insights can be activated to solve your specific challenges across on and offline retail channels: from driving more sales, category leadership, supporting NPD, developing new messaging to getting your brand on the consideration set and collaborating with retailers. All activation is corroborated and underpinned by robust data.


A host of brands are benefiting

From alcohol to petfood, consumer electronics, tea to ice cream our Sales Trigger™ Insight is breaking new ground in identifying, defining and activating buying behaviour.

To find out more and recover a bespoke presentation of what the new buying behaviours mean for your brand click here.