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The tools to help you harness behavioural science for better marketing

Behavioural Insight

While behavioural science has been of interest to the marketing industry for many years, there is still a lack of understanding of how to put the scientific theory into practice. Marketers talk about nudging behaviour, or fast and slow thinking, but don’t have the tools to apply the science to the nitty gritty of their marketing briefs and challenges.


Marketing techniques and tactics understand and influence human behaviour, but they don’t use the science to fully explain the brand decisions people make. Experienced marketing practitioners use brand and category insight, expert creative and strategic judgement, and the collective industry best practice that has built up over time. Behavioural science can enhance this insight, expertise and knowledge by providing a structured and rigorous way to understand the behaviours that are important for a brand. By understanding and applying the science correctly, you can pinpoint the behaviours that lead people to choose one brand over another.


The problem to date has been that the science has often stayed within the realms of academia and not been successfully transferred to the commercial sector. We have spent the last two years partnering with Durham University Business School to address this issue. We have collaborated in developing our Clarity Tools, to help marketers define which decision making behaviours are pertinent to their brand and category, which can then inform creative campaigns and activity that drive more sales.


We have developed three propriety tools that are agile and bespoke to your marketing needs:


Clarity Insight is a pioneering quantitative research methodology that defines the decision-making behaviours pertinent to your category that you can leverage so that your brand is chosen over the competition. The methodology also defines the types of creative executions you can use to leverage these behaviours.


Clarity Strategy and Creative Playbook delivers deep behavioural-led insights and creative solutions for your brand. It covers a detailed strategy to overcome your specific marketing challenges and a range of creative executions that bring the strategy to life.


Brand Lab is a joint initiative with, and based at, Durham University Business School. We use a range of emotional testing techniques to define the most effective creative activity before it goes live. The lab is a pioneering innovation for brands who want to understand and be at the cutting edge of behavioural-led marketing.


Our suite of tools can be tailored to your challenges to define and apply the behaviours that will lead to better marketing activity. We have used Clarity Tools for a range of brands in categories including alcoholic drinks, pet food and consumer electronics. If you would like to harness behavioural science for better marketing, we can create a bespoke solution for your brand.