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why would i buy that

Why would I buy that?

Discover the new buying behaviours driving sales of your brand in the next normal.

New normal, next normal – whatever the latest jargon, there is one insight that will help retailers and brands succeed in the new shopping environment...

Understanding your consumers' new buying behaviours.

Retailers and brands that identify their audiences’ new buying behaviours will thrive

Existing insight has no relevance to the new buying behaviours

The solution lies in gaining a clear understanding of how your audience are going to purchase in your category and the Sales Triggers™ that will make people buy your brand over the competition.

KHWS have been working with Durham University Business School for the last 3 years to develop and refine a proprietary and fool proof methodology that identifies the heuristics and cognitive biases that guide & inform purchase decisions in any category.

Our agile and ground-breaking Sales Trigger™ Insight tool can identify the unconscious and conscious triggers to purchase and inform commercially effective marketing for your brand.

How to make the most of limited budgets and create marketing that resonates in the new shopping environment?

We have showcased our approach via a presentation entitled Why would I buy that? which introduces our partnership with Durham University and the brands that have already benefited, including Bacardi, Samsung, Hill’s pet food, Asahi and innocent

For a tailored presentation of our Why would I buy that?, get in touch. We’ll demonstrate how in 3 to 5 weeks we can deliver a unique Insight report into the buying behaviours of your audience. Unlike many insight presentations, it’s presented with marketing solutions you can start using now.

Future proof your brand

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