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When Insight Dies

Behavioural Insight

The disconnect between research and creative execution.


The global research industry is worth over £39billion and the UK spends more per head at £61 than any other nation in the world.(source Statista)

A large proportion of this spend is used to shape and inform marketing activity. The insight teams of brands – large and small – invest in Qualitative and Quantitative initiatives to try and identify the nuggets of insight that can make a difference – from reinforcing a brand’s proposition to shaping a new marketing campaign.

The Covid pandemic has made the role of insight even more critical as consumer buying behaviours continually change – a cycle of “new normals” is upon us.

This in turn leads to shorter planning cycles and more expectations on your latest research initiative.



When you can’t see the wood from the trees



The data that is produced is overwhelming but all too often the outputs uncover the same decision hierarchies that you already know your consumers’ use to consciously appraise the category – occasion, category, brand consideration set, volume/pack size, and value.

But none of their purchase norms identifies the unconscious behaviours that drive purchase decisions. In a recent interview with the new executive chairwoman of Prezzo, Karen Jones revealed that she inherited the results of a recent £600,000 research investment that had delivered nothing of value!

It’s time to re-evaluate the scale and use of traditional research techniques…




Today’s consumers demand more


There is a growing movement of aspirational shoppers (source Globescan/BBMG) that are seeking brands that deliver beyond their functional benefits – they seek brands with strong ethical values and a commitment to make a positive difference to society. Covid is and will continue to drive this phenomenon as consumers put more emphasis on values and ethics.

This movement is impacting the decision-making of over 40% of UK consumers but how can you be confident that you can surface the right triggers to ensure your brand resonates with your audience in the right way?



The opportunity lies in behavioural science


We all use mental shortcuts – heuristics – unconsciously to guide our purchase decisions. But the challenge has always been how to identify which mental short cuts drive the purchase behaviours in your category.

The industry drum beaters advocating the benefits behavioural science like Rory Sutherland and Richard Shotton have undertaken a wealth of test and learn creative experiments, but they are not based on a robust process that can be used effectively in an agile, insight delivering platform that delivers 95% accuracy.

KHWS have been working with Durham University Business School for the last 3 years to develop a proprietary tool – Sales Trigger™ Insight that has cracked the behavioural science code. We have reframed the heuristics that drive purchase decisions into 9 Sales Triggers™.

Our proprietary tool identifies the dominant iterations of the Sales Triggers™ which are driving purchase behaviour of your brand. Once we have identified the brand-specific Sales Trigger™ we demonstrate how this informs strategic planning, messaging band marketing activation.




Proven insights that are executed… not lost


A host of brands have already benefited from this approach across the FMCG, alcohol and tech sectors.

By identifying the dominant Sales Trigger™ iterations for your brand; you receive laser-focused insights that shape marketing strategy and inform creative executions in retail & e-commerce channels as well as above the line. The days of drowning in insights that never see the light of day are gone.

Contact KHWS for a full introduction into how Sales Trigger™ Insight can make a difference to your insight, marketing, and sales.