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Winning at Shelf

Behavioural Insight

A few days ago, we hosted an event at the Hospital Club to launch our latest report – Winning at Shelf, 12 behavioural-led marketing insights to help brands drive in-store sales. The panel featured a number of speakers, including KHWS founding partner Andrew Watts and Professor Michael Nicholson, Associate Dean at Durham Business School. Over 50 brand marketers joined us for a light breakfast followed by a presentation of the report’s findings.

We covered why winning at shelf is so important, and the different ways behavioural-led marketing can help brand marketers to ensure it happens. The challenge for brands is how to influence fast thinking when shoppers are at shelf, when the marketing options in-store are more limited than ever before. Our latest insights, outlined in the report and revealed on the day, involved creative testing of four leading soft drink brands via four different channels (out of home, point of sale, social media and online display). The results led us to 12 clearly actionable insights for marketers. They cover everything from purchase behaviours to the right creative to trigger purchase in a particular channel.

Our Clarity Toolkit, developed in partnership with Durham University Business School, consists of four tools designed to create strategies that deliver innovative creative work that drives sales. It was genuinely exciting to talk through the solutions they provide. At the event we illustrated how these proprietary tools enable marketers to both find and act on the insights we had revealed, and how they can be applied to any brand or category. Quite simply, we’ve made behavioural-led marketing accessible brands, which is key to helping them win at the shelf.