Sales Trigger™ Insight for all retail channels

We leveraged our unique buying behaviour insight for the rum category to reinforce Bacardi’s position as the leading brand and inform strategic planning and retail activation.

The Challenge

The rum category is growing rapidly and dividing into sub categories – white rum, golden rum, dark rum and flavoured rum. Bacardi wanted to understand the key buying behaviours for the category.

The Solution

Our Sales Trigger™ Insight tool was used to uncover the dominant buying behaviours to inform long term strategic planning and retail activation in bricks & mortar and e-commerce retailers.

Brand Activation Sales Trigger™ Iterations

‘The Obvious Truth’ – 2 iterations – Sustainable Production and Sustainable Ingredients

Our Insight tool uncovered that Bacardi’s audiences would buy a rum brand with strong sustainable credentials.

Bacardi had a sustainable credentials story that they had not had – until this point – the permission to leverage.

The Results

Our Edge Playbook contained a comprehensive range of activation ideas to run with retail partners.

Bacardi’s sustainable story is now embedded across planning and marketing activation.