Heathrow Express

Social Media Strategy

Through our creative content framework, we’re inspiring more people to travel on Heathrow Express more frequently and stay connected after their journey.

The Challenge

For most people, Heathrow Express (HEX) is a functional purchase made infrequently and on the day of travel. Research told us customers consider HEX to be relatively expensive and the service comparable with competitors such as TfL and black cabs.

This meant HEx was trapped in a commoditised market driven predominately by price.

The Solution

We’ve created and implemented a social strategy that differentiates the service emotionally, while connecting seamlessly with the functional benefits.

‘HExplore’ gives the brand permission to speak on any topic to both existing and new customers. At its heart sits the sales trigger required to deliver customer engagement.

Brand Commerce Sales Trigger

One Key Thing

“One Key Thing”

We encourage our audience to explore more. From finding the best cocktail bar in Shoreditch to delving into the sporting spectacle of Wimbledon, HEx has become a champion of exploration.

Our strategy is to drive relevance leading up to a pre-booked trip, and to remain relevant afterwards. The content is linked to events, such as the Paralympics and Oktoberfest.

The Results

Our social strategy for HEX has transformed its social presence from being one that publishes delays and manages complaints to a dynamic and inspiring experience that inspires passengers to stay connected with the service :

  • 50% increase in monthly engagement
  • 50% increase in reach

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