JBVC Foundation

Brand development

We created a visual identity, tone of voice and professional platform to target high net worth individuals, corporate partners and donors.

The Challenge

The Charity sector is highly competitive, with many deserving causes fighting hard for funds. A clear articulation of what you do and how you do it is required to grab attention and drive emotional engagement and association.

The Solution

We began by conducting a discovery workshop with the trustees and founder, Dr Johnson Beharry VC. Our aim was to understand their passion and desire for helping young people turn their backs on gang culture and rebuilding lives after prison.

From this we developed a brand playbook to guide all marketing communications. We also identified the need for a strong digital presence, starting with a website to help drive up donations.

All efforts were provided free-of-charge through our KHWS360 initiative.

The Results

The launch of the website saw an increase in the charity’s online donations, with the average online donations for the quarter from when the website was launched being over 4 times the average donations for the previous 9 months.

“Without the support of the team at KHWS, we would not be where we are today. The website acts as a focal point for the Foundation – whether its driving awareness, facilitating donations or a home for all the great work we do to rebuild lives beyond gang culture. Thank you so much for your on-going commitment and energy.”


Dr Johnson Beharry VC COG


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