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If we received £100
for every time we heard...

"We've got all the buying behaviour insight we need, it's just a case of sifting through it"

...you wouldn't be reading this,
we would have retired!

now that we have your attention

Economics guides our
purchase decisions

The fact is a big proportion of you will know some or a lot about Behavioural Economics - System 1 & System 2 thinking and how we make fast and slow purchase decisions.

Some of you will be advocates of Byron Sharp with the focus on penetration to reach all types of buyers. Or Nudge Theory.

Or you may be reliant on Kantar & Nielsen data. You probably have a Purchase Decision Hierarchy for your brands. These are all respected sources... But do they really help you understand what guides the buying behaviour of your audiences?

If you did... what a fantastic way to futureproof your marketing and messaging.

We call it

Identifying the Unconcious Cues that drive more consumers to buy your brand over your competitor's brands.

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We partnered with Durham University Business School, to review 100's of academic studies into heuristics & cognitive biases...

(the last time we will blind you with science, promise)

...and reframed them into 9 Sales Triggers.

see no more science

These 9 Sales Triggers form the broad Unconscious behaviours that govern and guide our purchase decisions...

oops a little bit sciency

...and every one of these 9 Sales Triggers has endless iterations.

This is the really clever bit... we have a proprietary methodology to identify your brand's Sales Trigger iterations that will give you the edge over your competitors.

We call it Sales Trigger Insight.


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Sales Trigger Insight does what traditional research cannot do - it identifies the brand specific Sales Trigger iterations you need to leverage in your marketing & messaging.

We have developed both Quantitive & Qualitative methodologies - hence we like to position it as delivering "the statistical robustness of Quant and the insight of Qual"

Don't take our word for it...

It's given us permission to leverage our credentials

"The Sales Trigger insight has given us permission to leverage our sustainable credentials and we have now embedded it into strategic planning & retail activation"


Category Lead

One of the best insight studies we've seen

"The feedback was really positive. I heard that it was one of the best PDH studies they have seen, they loved the HD theatre section and inspiration piece and the overall holistic, blue sky type approach."


Category Strategy Manager

It's helped develop
new activations

"The Sales Triggers KHWS have uncovered provided a robust business case to develop new activations with our retailers"

Samsung Mobile

Marketing Manager

The brand team are
very excited!

"Just wanted to say thank you for your work. The outputs were really clear and actionable and the brand team are very excited"


Senior Insights Manager

Invest 30 minutes

Contact Andrew Watts for a 30 minute introduction

+44 (0) 7768 991396

"Sales data and a Purchase Hierarchy is all I need."

Maybe, but really that will only give you category insight based on Conscious decision making.

However, our tools can identify Conscious & Unconscious buying behaviours in one go (rather like a buy one get one free deal)... and give the definitive understanding of what drives category browsing (Conscious) and what will nudge consumers to buy your brand (Unconscious)


decision tree


Logical, structured, robust. Mapping a conscious process of how consumers approach a category

Our holistic approach covers conscious and unconscious decision making dynamics




Behavioural, unbiased, robust. Uncovering the unconscious influences that can nudge consumers to select one brand over another

Where is all this leading?

It takes us back to the top of the page; you may think you have all this insight buried in dozens of research reports but we all know the likelihood of being able to action them is low.

So as a final value exchange what you get from our Sales Trigger Insight tools is...


Our buying behaviour findings won't just sit in a Report, we bring them to life to show you how they solve the very problems that led to the insight being commissioned in the first place. Every report comes with a Playbook of relevant activations:

Messaging, promotions, point of sale, category intiatives, social eCommerce initiatives, media activity, propositions, repertoire, retail collaborations etc. etc.

.... All ultimately serving one overriding objective

more sales

Still reading?

There's one last element that more and more of our clients are finding compelling.

You need to be ABSOLUTLEY sure the actionable insights we uncover will work so we have 3 creative testing platforms.


We identify the emotional reactions that a campaign will elicit across the 7 evolved emotions that we experience - Seeking, Playing, Caring, Fearing, Panicing, Lusting, Raging


A platform that allows us to identify what attracts the eye and the journey your audiences go on across a range of creative outputs from a simple ADCEPT to recreating specific sections of ecommerce sites and test how our Sales Trigger informed creative interventions actually drive buying behaviour.

propensity to
purchase testing

Test new creative work from our Playbooks. We identify a Propensity to Buy score for each idea.

Any one of them gives you the confidence to run new campaigns - use all 3 together you have rigorus, validated evidence to go live.

Have a look at a summary video

(it saves on more reading)


We have a unique, proprierary methodology, verified by a leading academic institution Durham University, which:

  • Uncovers the Unconscious cues that will nudge sales of your brand - Sales Trigger Insight
  • Demonstrates how they tackle your specific challenges - the Playbook
  • With a safety net of being able to test before you go live - Creative Testing platforms

It will do me no harm to find out more

See our Insight Tools in these case studies


Hill's Pet Nutrition




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