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About us

Admittedly, KHWS sounds like a radio station.

We’re not. To be honest, we came up with this name back when we founded our marketing agency in 1993 simply because it had our founding partners’ initials in it. A lot has changed since then. Back then, radio was just starting to hit the internet. These days, it’s fair to say we are more internet than radio.

Our capabilities

Interactive content

We create content that engages and triggers a sale at the earliest point. We also deliver SEO strategies that surface your content in a buying context.

Website & Apps

We create bespoke website and app experiences that drive sales.


We deliver one-to-one communications that acquire and retain customers.


We enhance the on and off line shopper experience to bring your brand to life in the most persuasive way.


We offer interactive business to business tools that engage and convert customers.

Founding Partners

  • Andrew Watts

    Andrew Watts

    Founding Partner

  • Mark Skelton

    Mark Skelton

    Founding Partner

  • Nick Hawkes

    Nick Hawkes

    Founding Partner

Senior Management

  • Catherine North

    Catherine North

    Managing Partner

  • Christine Wright

    Christine Wright

    Managing Partner

  • Mark Stafferton

    Mark Stafferton

    Managing Partner

  • Tom Willoughby

    Tom Willoughby

    Managing Partner