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New apps please: Wimbledon ups its game

Wimbledon’s digital development in 2017 Renowned for its English heritage, the annual Wimbledon tennis tournament repeatedly entices a mass audience of Brits during the heat of early July. With white shorts, grass courts and unlimited strawberry assorts, the grand slam event has been continually distinct over the years due to its unique and quintessential British […]

Effective marketing strategies used at the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the largest event in the USA. This year, 111.3 million people tuned into Fox Sports for the 51st edition and the mid-game sofa statistics were mind blowing: 1.25 billion chicken wings eaten, 11.2 million pounds of potato chips consumed and 325.5 gallons of beer sunk. But as big as these figures […]

Marketing set to take pole position in Formula 1

With the announcement on Monday of a £6.4billion takeover from Liberty Media group, Formula 1 racing is now under new ownership. For 40 years the sport has been run by Bernie Ecclestone and CVC Capital Partners, but this week the F1 supremo was forced out. Ecclestone is responsible for managing Formula 1 as Chief Executive […]

Wimbledon 2016 gets a tech upgrade

Sport fanatics here at KHWS are nearing the end of their football fix with Euro’16 coming to an end. At the time of writing this article England are still in the competition and all our fingers and toes are crossed! But another British sporting legacy is on the horizon, Wimbledon! The All England Lawn Tennis […]

If Carlsberg did the Euros…

The Euros is a great time for brands to capitalize on their sponsorship deals. For the 2016 Euros there are 10 official sponsors: Adidas Carlsberg Coca-Cola Continental Hisense Hyundai and Kia Motors    McDonalds Orange Socar Turkish Airlines This represents a great opportunity for all of these brands to increase their visibility, and so far […]

Are we entering a new data-rich age for rugby?

As weekends are once again filled with rugby, it’s worth taking a look how the sport is embracing the trend of wearable technology. You may have noticed that almost all the players in this year’s Six Nations have got small square boxes built into the back of their rugby shirts. These are high-tech pieces of […]