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Unique academic partnership

Working alongside
Durham University

Durham University’s Business School is one of the country’s leading authorities in behavioural science.

In 2016, KHWS successfully approached the University to help develop and advance our proprietary planning model and insight tools.

Led by Dr. Sarah Xiao, Associate Professor in Marketing our partnership was then deepened further by a Government grant through Innovate UK to evolve our approach by ‘defining the key moments consumers choose to purchase’. This has proved so insightful, that students at Durham University now learn about our planning model and case histories as an industry application of behavioural science based research.

To help advance our thinking we have a Durham Research Associate who is a Dr. of Psychology and Neuroscience working in our Planning Department, and several postgraduate students have undertaken research projects with KHWS.

KHWS is now able to offer our clients enhanced services such as:

  • The opportunity to identify the key heuristics that an audience use to shop a category
  • Deeper creative testing that uses emotional, facial and eye tracking to gauge reaction to marketing materials.

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